Bailey Bryan is ready to show the world her confident side with her new EP, So Far, set for release on Friday (April 14), and one of the most powerful songs comes in the form of "Scars."

In an interview with Taste of Country, Bryan opens up about the personal track, which is centered around embracing one's own imperfections. Like the first single off So Far, "Own It," "Scars" is inspired by the life-changing spinal surgery Bryan had when she was 16 years old to correct her scoliosis. The event life her with a large scar on her back, but rather than viewing the mark as a negative, Bryan sees it as a sense of empowerment.

"[It's a] more mature take on the same situation that 'Own It' came from," Bryan says of the story behind "Scars." "It's kind of the epitome of what I learned about how hardships and imperfections are actually the things that make us who we are."

Now 19, Bryan believes that scars, whether physical or symbolic, help shape who we are as people and that each one has a story behind it. "The word 'scars' really represents anything that has impacted us as human beings and everyone has multiple things like that," she explains. "You can choose to see a tough situation and a scar as something negative and something that's like a blemish on your existence, or you can see it as something really beautiful that's helped you to grow."

"Scars" is just one of five tracks featured on Bryan's new EP. "Own It" is available now.

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