There's only one song on Lee Brice's upcoming album that he didn't write, and it just so happens that it will be the record's first single. It's called "Boy," and the singer-songwriter recently teased the song in a video posted to Instagram.

Emotional and relatable, "Boy," Brice says, takes him back to experiences with his own dad, and makes him think of his two young sons, Takoda and Ryker, his children with his wife Sara. Following in the vein of Brice's hard-hitting hit "I Drive Your Truck," which was inspired by a father who drives the truck of his son who was killed in action in Afghanistan, "Boy" packs a similar punch, Brice promises.

“It’s kind of like when I heard "Truck," it just stopped me … floored me,” Brice says in an interview with Taste of Country. “That’s what this song did.”

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"Boy," Brice explains, is a conversation between a father and his growing son. The artist admits that he has a knack for cutting tear-jerking tunes that everyone can connect to: "I’ve been so fortunate … I find one like that, that everybody’s just kinda gonna go, ‘What?! Wow,'" Brice notes. "Those are the song I’m looking for, and it’s one of them.”

"Boy" is set for release in mid-May, shortly before Brice and his wife are expecting their third child, which they announced in January will be a girl. Brice's upcoming album will also feature a collaboration with Edwin McCain, one of Brice's heroes, and he has hinted at other collaborations as well.

Brice's American Made Tour, a co-headlining trek with Justin Moore, wraps up in late April.

Lee Brice Talks More About "Boy"

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