"More Girls Like You," the first single off of Kip Moore's 2017 album Slowheart, hit No. 1 on the Mediabase chart and No. 4 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart in October of 2017 -- but the song almost never got written.

According to co-writer Steven Lee Olsen, Moore nearly missed their evening writing session to go wakeboarding. Luckily, the singer changed his plans.

The Boot caught up with Moore and his "More Girls Like You" co-writers -- Olsen, David Garcia and Josh Miller -- at a press conference to get the details behind the single. Read on to learn more.

I can't remember who it was, but one of the writers had said something similar to what the hook ended up being: "More girls like you." I think that then, immediately, it started falling out fast; we all started throwing out lines.

I think, from the conversations in the room, they knew what my headspace was at that time: I'd just gotten back from Costa Rica. So it was a pretty fast, collaborative process.

I always have that fear that I'm going to miss out on a magical day [if I cancel a writing session]. I already had plans [to go wakeboarding that day], but then [my publisher] Nate Lowry called and said, "I put this on the books for you," so I didn't want to bail. I loved what these guys were doing, so I wanted to jump on the opportunity, especially because I was already in a creative headspace. Now, of course, I'm super stoked that I showed up that day.

For me, it was always the bridge [that was the most meaningful lyric in the song]: "Your soul is pure golden / It must have been true love you were grown in." When you meet people, a lot of times, you can tell what their surroundings have been for most of their lives and what kind of things they've been taught. That's always been what I've gravitated towards in people -- not just in women, but in people in general. I wanna be around good souls.

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