‘Wild Child’ is one of the signature songs on Kenny Chesney’s ‘The Big Revival’ album, and not just because it reunites the singer with Grace Potter.

Chesney co-wrote the song with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne and sings it like he’s serenading a lover. He may be -- Chesney admits the song kind of describes every girl he’s ever been attracted to. His warmth during each verse is honest and refreshing amongst some of the rowdier songs on ‘The Big Revival.’

Got a spirit that can’t be tamed / She’s a calico pony on an open plain / I know I’ll never be the same no more, for sure,” he sings before the first chorus. Sonically, the track is reminiscent of ‘Anything But Mine’ or (more recently) ‘You and Tequila.’ The comparisons to this Grammy-nominated hit would come with or without Potter’s participation, but her voice is perfect for this song, as well.

‘Wild Child’ explodes with imagery at the end. If you can’t picture the woman he’s singing to by this point, you may be emotionally blind:

“A kaleidoscope of colors / In her mind child / A touch of crazy hides behind her wild smile / So simple / Yet experimental / Innocent but still a little wild child.”

Chesney does a good job of balancing his singles catalog with uptempo, concert-ready rockers and mellow, moody acoustic numbers. It’s a big reason why he’s been such a successful radio artist for so long. The ballads often fall short of the top of the charts ('Tequila' only cracked the Top 5), but they're as important as the No. 1 hits.

Why Fans Will Love It?: It's been a long time ('Somewhere With You') since Chesney released a pure love song, one not tinged with heartbreak.

Key Lyrics: “She’s a wild child / Got a rebel soul with a whole lot of gypsy wild style”

Did You Know?: Chesney resisted the idea of recording with Potter again, but in the end, the song was too perfectly suited for her voice and personality. He considers her a musical soulmate.

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