Start here in Kalamazoo on your delicious quest to enjoy every sandwich on the list of Michigan's 11 you have to try before you die.

If you've ever been to Ray Ray's you won't be surprised to find it on the list of 11 Michigan Sandwiches You Have To Try Before You Die. If you have never noticed the tiny restaurant at 1746 Miller Road that shares a building with a liquor store, take note and make plans to get there as soon as you can!

Transplanted Chicagoans know that, at Ray Ray's, they speak your language and you might even think you are in the Windy City when you walk in to the place. Hot dogs are on the menu and the scent of barbecue fills the air but it is the Italian Beef Sandwich that put Ray Ray's on the best of Michigan list.

This is one sandwich that’s absolutely overflowing with flavor and spice. Its name is self-explanatory — you’ll be biting into heaps of perfectly cooked Italian beef topped with any pepper or veggie you can imagine — but you truly have to taste this dish to believe it. Ray Ray’s offers out-of-this-world food in a modest, sports-themed atmosphere.


Ray Ray's Italian beef is the only Mall-City hoagie that made the list with 3 favorites in Detroit; 2 sandwich shops were tops in Grand Rapids and eateries with entries in Whitehall, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Traverse City and Marquette.

What other Kalamazoo sandwiches should be on the list of "Have To Try Before You Die?" Tell us in the comments below.

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