Jerrod Niemann has released the music video for his latest single, "God Made a Woman." Click play above to watch the beautiful clip, which features Niemann's wife Morgan.

Written by Niemann's good friends Michael Ray, Joel Shewmake and Jeff Hyde, the singer makes "God Made a Woman" his own by pulling his wife into its video. Throughout the clip, Niemann chases his wife through stunning desert vistas, until the two finally meet on a deserted highway. The music video's imagery perfectly matches the lyrics of the song, about what happens when your whole life changes because of love.

"I used to tear up the roads in this old town / Every bar I'd find open, I'd close it down / That 2AM last call, man, I'd answer / I'd burn that candle at both ends / 'Til it met in the middle, just smoldering / I was searching for something, didn't even know what I was after," sings Niemann, with hauntingly stark vocals, before leading into crescendoing harmonies in the chorus: "Then God made a woman fall for a man / Didn't have much going, but his life began when she took his hand / The sky turned blue, the clouds parted, light shined on a lonely heart / When God made a woman."

The music video for "God Made a Woman" was directed by Ryan Hamblin and shot in Marfa, Texas, with sounds of orchestral strings, melancholy guitars and pedal steel filling up the space created by the sprawling desert landscapes and desolate roads. The track is Niemann's first single from his upcoming fourth studio album, his first since leaving his longtime label, Arista Nashville, and signing with Curb Records in March of 2016.

“It feels great to have people behind me that are pushing you to be who you are, where you aren’t over-thinking or under-thinking, you’re just doing your thing,” Niemann tells The Boot. “It’s a great place to have healthy conversations about music, and to make music that you love.”

"God Made a Woman" is currently available for download on iTunes. Niemann's upcoming album is set for release later this year.

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