So as many of you have guessed by now, Colon is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite cities in Michigan ever. The quaintness, peacefulness , and sometimes oddness of the town are really what makes me feel like home. But I still find it hilarious (I know I'm acting like I'm 10) that the city is named Colon. Either way, the town itself is great and the people are generous and look out for one another, and that's what makes it the great city it is; apart from being the magic capital of the world.

While taking a walk after breakfast I noticed souvenir Colon license plate in someone's window and it stopped me dead in my tracks...


TSM/Mark Frankhouse

Seriously? Who designed this plate? Obviously those are fireworks but look closer:

TSM/Mark Frankhouse

Like I said, I know I'm 10 over here, but that doesn't look like a firework, and right above the word "Colon?" It looks, to me, like a very closely related body part to the name of the city. Maybe I'm just immature, but this is a hilarious to me, and now I need one.