This week our small Michigan Town Series stops in Bronson.  This smalll town, originally named "York," has just over 2,000 residents.

We recently asked you on Facebook what is your favorite thing about Bronson, MI.  Here's what you had to say.

#5.  Bronson Public Library

This beautiful, historic building goes waaaaay back according to,

The Bronson library originated in the early 1880s as the Ladies Library Association. In 1888 the Bronson township assumed responsibility for operating the library in the Town House. The present building was built with funds donated by steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie, at a cost of $8,478. This new Bronson Public Library opened on May 23, 1912.

Google Street View
Google Street View


#4.  Log Road MX

Glen and Kristina Loubsky both mention Log Road MX!  However, this is more than a local favorite.  People travel from all over to get dirty here.


#3.  The Bronson Polish Festival

Darcy Henning, Michele Frederick and Brian Rawson-Ketchum love the Polish Festival!

The Bronson Polish Festival happens every July.  It is a weekend packed full of fun, food and entertainment.  Get more info and the full schedule by clicking here.


#2.  Strike Zone

Jeanette Younce had this to say in her Facebook comment about her favorite things about Bronson, "Definitely Bronson Strike Zone! It has it all..... fun for the family and the best food around!!"

Google Street View
Google Street View


 #1.  Bill's Steakhouse

Jess Day, Michele Frederick and Candice Bliler (among others) say Bill's Steakhouse is one of their favorite things about Bronson, MI.

Talona V. had this to say in her 5-star yelp review,

I can't say enough about this place! It was awesome!!! The Ribeye Steak was to die for! It's so tender, juicy and cooked exactly how I like it! The crab legs are cooked perfectly...I didn't really care for the crab leg butter but that is just my personal preference. The house made cheese cake is also amazing!!!
We got here at 3:pm right when the doors opened. There was a line already out the door so I thought, "Oh great! We are going to be here awhile" but nope! They got us right in and seated within 5 minutes!!!
I would definitely recommend this place!!!

Google Street View
Google Street View


Did we miss your favorite thing about Bronson?  Let us know in the comments below.


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