Gretchen Wilson may joke about her arrest in Connecticut last week, but ultimately she doesn't think it's very funny.

The "Redneck Woman" singer spoke to Taste of Country about the Aug. 21 incident, revealing little about what happened, but elaborating on her emotions since the incident — and how she shared the news with her mother and teenage daughter.

"I'm saddened by the whole thing," she admits. "I don't know that I could say — I mean, I'm embarrassed that that situation got to where it was, but not personally."

TMZ was first to report that a verbal and physical altercation took place on an airplane headed for Connecticut, stating that it was over the use of the bathroom. Two days after the arrest, Wilson thanked fans for their patience and said: "The truth will prevail."

"It's been really frustrating for me not to be able to talk about it, because people who know me know that I just wanna get it straight," she tells us. "I'm reading all of these headlines and am like, 'Oh gosh, it's so wrong. It's all so wrong!'"

Back at home in Tennessee, the singer's mother and daughter were waiting for Wilson to text that night and let them know she'd landed safely — a text that was an hour late in and packaged with unexpected news. They weren't worried, based on what she'd shared via text message.

"I got a bunch of WTFs and question marks, is kind of what I got," Wilson recounts, laughing. "They weren't worried though. They could tell by my texting and you know, what I was saying to them, that I was going to be okay."

Reports indicated that Wilson was booked and charged with breach of peace. She had no trouble making a scheduled private show at a nearby casino the next day — in fact, it was a great show for 5,000 fans, she says.

While she adds levity to conversation about the alleged altercation with quips like "Talk about a rough landing," the 45-year-old understands the gravity. "It's not funny. It's not a funny situation at all," Wilson says.

Wilson also spoke about her arrest with syndicated radio show Big D & Bubba, sharing how she reacted to it all in the moment. "I was completely shocked and sad," she said, "and just flabbergasted."

The singer visited with Jessie G — the first act signed to Wilson's Redneck Records label. Taste of Country talked extensively with the pair about the newcomer's music and career, as well as Wilson's transition to record label executive. That interview will come soon.

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