One of the Kalamazoo area's most expensive real estate listings is just that- real estate with no house built on it.

It seems like an unreal real estate listing- $1.6 million and you don't even get a house! This 30+ acre parcel of land is situated in Texas Township at 311 N. Crooked Lake Drive with 1,200 feet of lake frontage.

How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? That's up to you.

A 5 bedroom, 5 bath estate on the other side of the lake is listed just under $1 million and a one bedroom bungalow is bargain-priced at $340,000. What makes this proprety so pricey? Why is this real estate real expensive?

Like "some assembly required" or "batteries not included," the catch here is that it seems like a lot to pay for...a lot.

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