There's been a rash of car break ins in Kalamazoo neighborhoods like Eastwood and Valleywood.  Beware!

A Kalamazoo resident took to Reddit Monday to warn others of a possible streak of local crimes,

Just had my car broken into and judging by the random items on the side of the road in front of others house I wasn't the only one. They didnt get much but just a heads up to everyone in the area.

Then the comments of similar situations started pouring in like this one from Zdroa38,

My car was stolen a couple weeks ago now from my house. I Live in that area, that morning I drove around and there was shit all over the streets and cars wide open. Seems to be a string of these.

...and this one from Dryderson

Minor street reporting in, we had a string of really bad robberies last week that sound pretty similar to what you're describing. Nearly every house was either broken into or had the cars outside broken into. Might not have been the same guys, but if it was i sure hope they get found and arrested soon. It takes a special kind of asshole to do stuff like this.

Millipedesteve has a theory,

Did Eastwood happen to have heavy trash pick-up recently? They targeted the Valleywood neighborhood right after the heavy trash pick-up, which resulted in multiple break-ins. There were several cars that were cruising the neighborhood "looking for scrap", but it is pretty clear that at least a couple were scouting for cars left in the driveways overnight.

If you live in these areas be extra cautious.  Don't leave anything of value in your car and watch out for your neighbors.

Let us know in the facebook comments or on Twitter if you too have been hit in the last couple of weeks.


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