Just in time for Mother's Day (which is coming up on May 12), Sugarland have released "Mother," a new track off of the upcoming album Bigger -- and it's a tearjerker. Readers can grab the tissues and press play above to listen to the song.

"She'll take you in, feed your friends / Her open arms are welcoming / She'll rub your back all night when you're crying," the song's first verse begins, over a gentle, mid-tempo guitar line. "She'll listen to you tell your story / Hold your fear and all your worries / Help you find the truth when they're all lying."

Each verse goes on to address a different aspect of the impact a mother has on a person's life, from offering up a ring when her child falls in love to extending help even after they've disappointed her, repeating in each chorus that "As long as she's alive, you're not alone."

In an Instagram post, Kristian Bush, who makes up one half of the duo, shared that the song's heartfelt message, despite its universal appeal, is in large part about one mother in particular: The song's release day coincided with what would have been his mother's 73rd birthday. Bush's mom, who lived to be 55, never got to see the Sugarland grow into the iconic country duo it is today, but the song pays tribute to mothers everywhere, and the unconditional love and support they offer their children.

"[The song] is about a lot of things, our families, our lives, our country, but mostly, it's about my mom and what she was like," Bush stated on Instagram. "I hope you love it."

Bigger marks Sugarland's first new album since 2012, when the duo parted ways to focus on their solo projects. They shared the album's first single, "Still the Same," in December of 2017, and have more recently released the title track along with another song, "Babe," which features and was co-written by Taylor Swift.

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