Board historic replicas of the ships Christopher Columbus and his brave explorers sailed to the New World when the 'Nina' and 'Pinta' visit South Haven.

Maritime enthusiasts, landlubbers, history buffs and Americans of all creeds and colors will enjoy a visit when these floating museums dock in South Haven August 31- September 4. Step aboard and step back in time as The Columbus Foundation brings the most historically accurate Columbus replica ship ever built, the Nina, to Southwest Michigan along with the Pinta.

  • Tickets are $15 for adults with child and senior rates available.
  • Tickets are good for tours of both ships: the Nina and the Pinta.
  • Tours are self-guided but crew are available to answer questions and share stories and spin yarns about their many voyages.

More information is available from The Columbus Foundation and Michigan Maritime Museum.

Bonus Video: Fall Storm in South Haven

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