Colon Michigan's history in magic may surprise you.  Let's just say magicians are dying to go there.

The small town of Colon is estimated to have a population of just over 1,100 residents and are nationally recognized as the capital of hocus pocus according to Wikipedia,

The former home and burial site of famous magicians including, Harry Blackstone, Sr. (The Great Blackstone) The United States Congress recognizes Colon as "The Magic Capital of the World." It is the home of the Abbott Magic Company, founded by magicians Percy Abbott, an Australian and friend of Blackstone's, and Recil Bordner, originally from Eaton, Ohio, in 1934.

In fact, during an interview author Kelly Pucci tells Between The Lines that Harry Blackstone was the first to do the "pull the rabbit out of a hat" trick.  You can check out that full conversation by clicking here or get her book "Hidden History of St. Joseph County, Michigan" by clicking here.

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If you have any doubt that Colon is the rightful home of magic.  Please allow me to make those doubts disappear before your eyes.  According to,

The Lakeside Cemetery is the final resting place for over 30 magicians - more than any other cemetery in the world. Blackstone, Don Alan, Monk Watson, The Amazing Conklins, Jack Gwynne, Karrell Fox, Bob Lund and dozens more magicians are buried in Colon.

If the industry of illusion has you intrigued, you might want to visit the Colon Magic Camp July 19th and 20th or the Colon Magic Flea Market August 2nd -5th.  Get more info by clicking here.

The Great Big Story did a fascinating video about Magic City USA aka Colon, MI.


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