A Paw Paw house was sold to the county to expand the Courthouse parking lot this year and a few cherished items were missed as the owners packed. What happened next is amazing. 

A unique house on Berrien street in Paw Paw, a transformed barn,  purchased by Van Buren County to expand the parking area for the courthouse, would mean the demolition of the home. That is the back story.

John Mason/ TSM

Before the structure was to come down, I was offered an opportunity to go through the house for one last look. At the top of the stairs, I saw what appeared to be a picture frame on a top shelf and took a closer look. I found a few photos and some hand made Mothers day and Fathers day cards that were missed as they moved out.

John Mason/TSM

What better thing could I do but share the story with Facebook and see if we could find the owner and return these items to them. Little did I know how far it would reach. The story was shared and viewed over 4,000 times. With a bit of luck, the unbelievable happened, we had found the owners!

Ashley was recognized by some friends and she reached out to us, amazed that someone would try to save and return these keepsakes. All that's left now is to return them to her. stay tuned, there is so much more to come.