Have you seen this building on Western Michigan University's Campus? It looks like someone's art project but this is what it really was.  The three-story building, originally served as WMU's school of business, as well as housing the campus's first library. During the 2014-15 renovations they demolished most of the buildings on what is called Prospect Hill in Kalamazoo to make way for the renovations on the East Hall/Alumni Center at a cost of $15 million. Including North Hall.

In a story published in Saving Places, they talked about North Hall stating,

"The North Hall -- which is a beautiful building -- has a reading room and a large fireplace," he says. "We could certainly put the welcoming student orientations there, and at one point, some of the developers proposed turning those [into] condominiums for alumni."

While they could not save the whole building, enough money was raised to save the fron entrance, Check out the pictures of it here.

Here is a video of the demolition process when they first started on North Hall.

Bonus Video: The Hidden, Historic Drake House in Kalamazoo

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