Sunday, November 19th Charles Manson Died. One of the people murdered during his killing spree is from Michigan and was the first to be Murdered by Manson defending an unborn baby.

Jay Sebring, born Thomas John Kummer, was an American hair stylist for celebrities, and the founder of the hairstyling corporation Sebring International. He is also one of the murder victims of the Manson Family. Sebring, grew up in Southfield, Michigan.

From Sebrings Wikipedia page,

On August 8, 1969, Sebring, Tate, Frykowski and Folger went to El Coyote, a Mexican restaurant, together. After they returned to the Polanski residence on Cielo Drive, Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins and Charles "Tex" Watson entered the home. After coercing the four occupants of the house into the living room, they ordered them to lie face down on the floor. Sebring protested and asked the intruders to consider Tate's advanced pregnancy. He was then shot by Watson, who kicked him several times in the face as he lay dying, breaking his nose and eye socket. He was then stabbed seven times and died from blood loss caused by his stab wounds. The group then murdered Frykowski, Folger, and Tate.

On Wednesday, August 13, funerals for Tate and Sebring took place the same day; the funerals were scheduled several hours apart (first for Tate and then Sebring) to allow mutual friends to attend both.

Sebring was buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield, Michigan. Steve McQueen gave the eulogy.

Jay Sebring was also featured on, To Tell The Truth.

Here is a video of Jay talking about his 'new way' of styling men's hair.

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