Cassadee Pope will return to her old stomping grounds -- the set of The Voice -- this April, as an adviser to Kelly Clarkson's team of singers as the contestants prepare for their Knockout Rounds. As they do every season, each of the four judges will call upon an industry friend or established singer to mentor their team; however, this year's season features a twist: Each team adviser will be a former The Voice champion.

Pope, who won the televised singing competition back in Season 3, says she was thrilled to return to the show: "Going back to The Voice is like coming home," the singer says in a press release. "It was such an honor to give advice to these incredible artists alongside Kelly. Having done exactly what they're doing, I felt this urge to let them know the nerves are normal and to just breathe through it all."

Pope also says that she believes the decision to incorporate former show winners into the current season as advisers will benefit The Voice's current contestants: "If a past Voice winner came back to advise me during my season, it would have been extremely welcomed!" she adds. "I can't wait for everyone to see these artists in action."

During Pope's time as a contestant on The Voice, she opted for Team Blake, so The Boot recently caught up to chat with the country singer about what it was like to work with Clarkson's team -- not Shelton's -- during her guest appearance.

"It did feel a little weird to not be the adviser on his team, but he had just won [in 2017], so he obviously had to bring Chloe [Kohanski] back as his adviser," she explains. "But being on Kelly's team was insane! She's just the best.

"Honestly, she reminds me of a female version of Blake in that she's authentic and real, and what you see is what you get. Slightly less drinking, though," Pope adds with a laugh. "Getting to hang out with her all day was such a treat. She's just such a fan. When her artists would sing, you would see her light up. She'd stand up and clap or dance. It was just fun to see somebody who's been in the business for so long still get so excited about it."

Pope says that she's constantly blown away by the level of talent the show brings in: "Every season I always think there's no way they're gonna find as good talent as they did last season," she notes, "and they top themselves every time! It's really impressive."

Joining Pope and Kohanski as The Voice advisers this season are Jordan Smith and Chris Blue. The Knockout Rounds for this year's The Voice hopefuls will kick off on April 2 at 8PM ET.

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