Cassadee Pope's single "Take You Home" comes on the heels of a year of change for the country singer: In 2017, she ended her engagement with All Time Low drummer Rian Dawson, left her label and left her management team.

In the wake of those changes, Pope opted to take a break instead of rushing back into the studio to record a new album, and when she did return to songwriting and recording later in the year, she didn't feel the need to create music that would adhere to the traditional format of a studio album. She wrote and recorded whatever felt right to her at the time, and as one might expect, that batch of music included plenty of heartbreak songs.

However, "Take You Home" is far from a breakup ballad; rather, it's a fun, upbeat empowerment anthem that tells the story of a woman making the decision to let a guy into her heart, and her hometown. Read on to learn about how Pope selected the song, and what the message means to her.

"Take You Home" came across my inbox [in 2017], and I remember thinking it sounded like a hit. I also remember thinking that I loved the subject matter.

I loved that a female is the one taking charge and the one saying, "I wanna take you home and show you where I'm from and why I am the way I am, and take you to the places that shaped me, and have you meet the people that made me me." I loved how confident and bold that was. I always try and come across that way, too. Sometimes it works.

When I'm recording songs I didn't write, I definitely have to feel that I wish I wrote it. That's a requirement. I also have to be able to relate, and I think with this song, I've definitely been in that place where you feel a connection with somebody and you want to bring them to your hometown.

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