On Friday (March 30), former The Voice champ and country singer Cassadee Pope released "Take You Home," an optimistic and energetic power anthem that the singer says has the "confident, bold" vibe that best represents where she is right now as an artist and as a person. While the song tells a story of positivity, the road to writing and recording "Take You Home" was anything but straightforward.

For Pope, January 2017 brought with it several major life changes: "I became single for the first time in eight years, I left my record label, and I left my management, along with making some other, smaller changes," Pope recalls. Instead of seeing these shifts as losses, however, Pope took them as an opportunity.

"I took time to figure it out," she explains. "I didn't feel rushed to make things happen. My producer, Corey [Crowder], was the only constant through all that."

And when Pope was ready to get back into the studio, Crowder knew better than to push her in any one direction: "He was like, 'While you're in this [headspace], why don't we just cut what you want to cut?'" she remembers.

Cassadee Pope
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"It was a different experience than any I'd had before, because I didn't have a whole team piping in about what they thought it should sound like, or which songs would be best to cut," Pope goes on to say. "I wrote some pretty heartbreaking songs, and also some happy ones. I brought in songs that I'd written in the past. We picked a few that I was really passionate about and cut them."

Although "Take You Home" is one song that Pope actually didn't write, she feels that it represents what she wants to be her "reintroduction song" to her fans. She says that, while the six songs she recorded during this time do have a cohesive sound, she doesn't plan to release them as a studio album.

"I'm pretty sure they're going to be released on their own over time," she explains. "I love the idea of having a body of work, and I think there's beauty in that, but I also think a lot of songs can get lost in the mix that way -- especially now, since people have shorter attention spans and can buy songs individually and create playlists and essentially be their own curators.

"These songs mean so much to me. They tell my story," she adds. "So, I don't want any of these songs to get lost. I want every song to have its own moment."

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