Brothers Osborne are at it again with another envelope-pushing video for "Shoot Me Straight," this time taking some well-poised jabs at some of country music's biggest cliches, as well as a pointed joke at President Donald Trump's expense—and a whole lot of laughs courtesy of their own goofiness.

TJ and John Osborne partnered again with directors Wes Edwards and Ryan Silver, who directed last year's irreverent "Ain't My Fault" video. In the beginning of the clip, Edwards and Silver present a variety of treatments to the duo, most of them involving typical bro-country scenarios including trucks and scantily clad babes. The Osbornes reject them all soundly.

Finally, the directors suggest the idea of "Space Force" (which, of course, is alluding to Trump's recently proposed sixth branch to the military). To this, TJ and John break into uproarious laughter—but the joke ends up being on them.

The video rolls into a hysterical scenario in which the brothers are drugged, put up against a green screen, and made to "play" their instruments while passed out cold. Their images are then superimposed into the exact treatments they rejected—specifically, a field with pickup trucks and wildly dancing girls in the shortest Daisy Dukes possible.

Although we're left wondering what on earth (or space?) the brothers will think of this travesty, directors Edwards and Silver are all smiles and high-fives as a result of their cleverness!

The video even includes a cameo from Dierks Bentley, whom they are currently on the road with. The duo are launching their own headlining world tour on Aug. 26, which will run through the beginning of December and include openers Lucie Silvas and the Wild Feathers.

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