Up-and-coming country artist Ashley McBryde’s twangy new song “A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega” is building up steam. The vintage-inspired track has one heck of a fascinating story behind it, too.

According to McBryde, the lyrics of "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega" are inspired by real events from the life of Jesse Rice, one of the songs co-writers. On a day that McBryde calls "the worst day ever," she, Rice and co-writer Nicolette Hayford decided to kick back and get to know each other, rather than try to write a song. Rice proceeded shared another bad-day story.

"I was leaving Atlanta ... and as [my car] kind of pooped out, I took this exit, and it was a place place called Dahlonega," McBryde recalls Rice telling them, "and I see this bar called the Crimson Moon, so I just pulled in."

When he bellied up to the bar at the Crimson Moon, Rice realized that ‘90s soft-rocker Shawn Mullins (of “Lullabye” fame) was the artist playing inside the bar. So, Rice decided to stay ... and met the woman that he eventually married.

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“That’s what you do with the worst day ever," McBryde says. "You flip it on its back. You raise your glass.”

After opening for major country acts such as Wynonna Judd, Chris Stapleton and Willie Nelson, McBryde will hit the road this fall with Eric Church, whom she counts among her biggest fans. In April of 2017, Church invited McBryde onstage at a show in Chicago to sing alongside him; he describes her as his “favorite artist out right now that’s not out yet.”

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