This week our small Michigan town series stops in Delton.  This tiny town has one lake per 87 residents.    According to Wikipedia Delton has 872 residents and 10 lakes. #math

We asked what your favorite things are about Delton, MI on Facebook.  Here are 5 of your favorite things.

#5.  The Local Grind Coffee Shop

Harold Hoag put his vote in, "The Local Grind coffee shop. Great food!!!!"

Dana Marshall


#4.  We've Got Your Back Shack

Vicki Anderson had a lot to contribute including the We've Got Your Back Shack,

"Grove Street Cafe, The Local Grind coffee shop, Founders Day weekend festivities , The “We’ve Got Your Back” Shack, & the school system that was one of the first to make security updates for safety, classroom updates for technology & furniture for the best learning environment possible (via a huge community vote a few years ago)!"

Dana Marshall


#3.  Crooked Lake

Mark Jones was very specific, "Being on Crooked with a cocktail!"

Dana Marshall


#2.  Sajo's Pizza

Kris Hodgson and many other praised Sajo's Pizza on our facebook page.

Dana Marshall


#1.  Tujax Tavern

Bob Mazei received many likes when simply typed, "Tujax’s!!"

Dana Marshall

Did we miss your favorite thing about Delton?  Let us know in the Facebook comments.



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