The world-famous Harlem Globetrotters are in the Guinness book more times than you have fingers and toes! See the incredible feats that got them there.

  • 1

    World's Longest Basketball Shot

  • 2

    World Record Backwards Basketball Shot

  • 3

    Longest Basketball Hook Shot

  • 4

    World Record for Underhand Half-Court Shots

  • 5

    Most Slam Dunks in One Minute

  • 6

    World Record for Longest Duration Spinning a Basketball on the Nose

  • 7

    Farthest Blindfolded Hook Shot

  • 8

    World Record Longest Underhand Basketball Shot

  • 9

    World Record for Three Pointers by a Pair in a Minute

  • 10

    Farthest Kneeling Basketball Shot Made Backwards

  • 11

    World Record Longest Basketball Shot Made Blindfolded

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