New York singer/songwriter Zan Strumfeld has crafted a folky, catchy Kalamazoo tune.

"Lullabies for the lonely, anthems for the revivalists, ballads for the hopeful." That is how New York-based singer/songwriter Zan Strumfeld describes her music. If you must put a label on it, it is best described as "Winter Folk For Every Season."

I reached out via Facebook messenger and Zan shared the story of how she wrote the song:

I actually wrote "Kalamazoo" while on tour with another touring band a couple of years ago. I had been staying in Ann Arbor for a few days with some extended family and drove to Kalamazoo for a gig at Papa Pete's. I was in the midst of a breakup and as we drove to Kalamazoo, I sat in the back seat and cried the entire way there. True story. Which is a shame, since the drive is so beautiful. I only spent a few days in Kalamazoo before heading out to the next gig, but the town and people were some of the best I've met on the road. I recently added a full band, and the song didn't feel right, or full, until I had them beside me.

-Zan Strumfeld on her song "Kalamazoo"


Before you press 'play' on the YouTube video below, you should know this is a sad song. I mean, "there's a banjo in the band" level of sad songs. You can hear the anguish bleed through the 20 strings and wistful lead of Zan and the heartache harmonies of the fellas. The "Kalamazoo" part doesn't really come in until the end but it is nice that we've got another gal to remember us in song.

The only version of "Kalamazoo" is on YouTube- she hasn't properly recorded it yet, but you can check out Zan Strumfeld's latest release "Book of Belongings" and find out more on her Facebook or Bandcamp pages.

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