The Grammy-winning Zac Brown Band are the real deal. Their smooth-as-silk harmonies, standout songs, musical prowess and engaging stage presence make them one of the most successful groups in country music.

They're not just about the music though; they're also proficient at good old entertainment and have some of the most interesting music videos in the country genre. The ZBB never do the same thing twice, it seems, and their videos range from silly and fun to moody and ultra-romantic. How many country bands can say that they featured a member's real-life wedding in one of their music videos?!

Below, check out The Boot's picks for the Zac Brown Band's Top 5 music videos. Go ahead, watch 'em all!

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    "Knee Deep"

    Filmed in Costa Careyes, Mexico, the ZBB's "Knee Deep" music video shows off picturesque beaches and a tropical paradise -- but that's not all. The video also features "Toes" star Flody Boatwood and his siblings Brody and Jody as they maneuver Mexico. Featuring Jimmy Buffett and a slew of familiar-looking villains, this clip will get anyone out of a midday slump!

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    "As She's Walking Away"

    "As She's Walking Away" won a Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration With Vocals, and the music video's pretty great, too. In the clip, Alan Jackson gives romantic advice to a much younger man who sees a woman at a bar -- and begins falling in love without even speaking a word. The video captures the longing between the two, and the end of the video has viewers breathing a sigh of relief.

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    "Colder Weather"

    Hunger Games fans, this video's for you. Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, who stars as Gale Hawthorne in the popular movies, appears in "Toes," which premiered in February of 2011, just a couple months before Hemsworth was announced as a major player in the films. The song's sorrowful feel is captured completely in this video, in which snow and longing abound.

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    "Sweet Annie"

    The ZBB's "Sweet Annie" music video allows fans to take a front seat at the wedding of band member Coy Bowles and his gorgeous bride. With a theme of "gypsy fantasy land," a 200-foot Slip'n Slide, the entire Zac Brown Band, a glimpse into the "I do"s and dancing, this music video is utterly romantic and one of the band's most memorable.

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    The "Toes" music video was nominated for Video of the Year and Group Video of the Year at the 2010 CMT Music Awards, and we can see why: The clip is the perfect mix of quirky and ridiculous. It centers on a lovable, dirty, good old Southern character named Flody Boatwood (who also makes an appearance in another video on this list), and there are several cameo appearances, including Kid Rock. It was released in July of 2009, and fans immediately fell in love with Boatwood and the feel-good summertime video that has us laughing (especially at the end).

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