Michigan Department of Transportation is making small changes that will cost big dollars.


The ubiquitous orange barrel (some call it the official state bird of Michigan) is getting an update. In an effort to reduce accidents in construction zones at dawn and dusk- the two most common times- reflective sheeting will be added to new barrels beginning in 2017.

Now, this seems like a good idea but it will cost millions that could better be spent, I don't know...FIXING THE ROADS!

The state tells us they don't even have the money to pick up dead animals alongside the roads but this is money well spent? What ever happened to those flashing lights on top of the barrels- can't we dig those out of storage? How about we just police the construction zones and write those speeding tickets where the dollar values are doubled? Why not enforce the current laws and either put more work lights in construction zones or delay the beginning of the workday until full daylight? I know this would limit Winter construction hours to 2.6 per day but it's got to be better than throwing money away on something like this.

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