More chicken wings for the Midwest as South Bend-based Wings Etc adds their 6th Michigan location.

You might say the company started on a wing and a prayer. (Or you might not.) Here's the story of how Wings Etc. came into existence:

After years of meditation, rumination and deliberation, Founder Jim Weaver (“The Weave”) and several incredibly insightful people came to the conclusion that the key to world peace was building a magical place filled with big TVs, great (but simple) food, friendly (but not plastic-y-fake-y-corporate-y) service, and lots of cold beverages containing varying percentages of spirits.
Turns out, this is EXACTLY what the people of the Earth needed to help them find their way through this unpredictable journey we call Life. (Jim was RIGHT. Who knew???)

Electric word, life; it means forever- that's a mighty long time. But I digress...I mean to tell you that "The Weave" and Wings Etc. have been very successful, growing to 56 locations throughout the Midwest including restaurants in Tennessee, Kentucky, North & South Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois and a new store in Michigan.

You can belly up to the bar or grab a table and order wings, burgers, cheese sticks, beer, etc. in Kalamazoo, Portage, Benton Harbor, Sturgis and Niles. Now, Wings Etc. has just opened a Coldwater sports bar at 599 E. Chicago St. in what used to be Benedict's Steakhouse with 24 beer taps, 34 televisions and 19 different wing sauces.

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