If a plane crashes in a Canadian forest, does it make a sound? Apparently not.

A Canadian dude was minding his own business last Wednesday (I imagine him drinking Tim Horton's coffee and reading MacLean's magazine) when a Cessna aircraft buzzed by him, flying low and crashing into the woods beyond his home.

Upon investigation, the police were stunned to find the plane had no pilot, and no footprints leading away from the crash site had the pilot been able to miraculously survive the crash.

Soon, it was discovered the plane had been rented by a University of Michigan graduate student, who was a Chinese national. The flight plan he had turned in was to fly the 400 or so nautical miles from Ann Arbor to a small airport in Harbor Springs.

The plane followed that path, but then continued north over Lake Michigan, the Upper Peninsula and over Lake Superior before running out of fuel and hitting Canada close to Marathon, Ontario.

So what became of the pilot? Why hasn't anyone released his name or photo? Did he jump out with a parachute in an attempt to fake his death?

Or did he jump out without a chute to commit suicide? If he tried to fake his death, why?

And isn't anyone creeped out that a foreign national could rent a plane and fly across an international border with no problems until it crashes?

While many online have offered speculation as to the fate of the pilot, the weirdest observation came from a Canadian named 'Zlin' on the Jalopnik site who said:

This isn’t the first time it’s happened - seems every few years a Cessna disappears in Superior, and there was an almost identical incident not that long ago with the aircraft found empty in the James Bay having departed locally on an “unscheduled” flight.

What? This is a common thing? Why don't we hear more about it then?

My hope is that one day 40 years into the future, a Chinese guy with a long beard will wander out of the UP wilderness, and with a heavy Yooper accent tell his story of living off the land near the banks of the Two Hearted River.

That would be the happy ending compared to the tragic ending I fear is the actual conclusion to this strange story.

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