It's hard to stomach how so many Pazskis can be consumed in one day but every year people seem to be coming up with new ways to consume them on Fat Tuesday. We've seen paczki shakes and paczki coney dogs but now the Baffin Brewing Company is taking two Michigan traditions and combining them into one.

Baffin, which is located out of St. Clair Shores took 40 pounds of leftover paczkis and decided they wanted to turn it into a new beer. According to their facebook page, they are partnering with BREW Detroit out of Corktown to create this new beer which will be a stout. You can see the workers mixing the paczkis in with the brew mix here.

This isn't just some dangerous, mad creation as well. One concerned person asked how they avoid fermentation and subsequently storage (long or short term) due to the high-fat content of the paczki. Baffin was quick to respond:

That's a great question. Our mashing process was aimed at maximizing protein and sugar breakdown. Furthermore, we are using a very strong yeast strain at higher quantities than normal to make up for any sluggish growth.

Baffinindicated in the comment section that they used all different kinds of flavored paczkis in the concoction which they say will be ready to drink in three weeks. Looks like I'll be taking another trip back to Detroit in March.



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