If we gave you 100 tries you'd never guess, but it makes perfect sense that people in Michigan buy this item from Walmart more than citizens of any other state.

You can get anything at Walmart, right? From ground beef to Garanimals, fruit rollups to Fruit of the Loom; whether you need an oil filter or Oil of Olay , mulch or a new microwave, Walmart has it. What do people in Michigan buy more than anyone else?

Life jackets.

We are, after all, the Great Lake State with more coastline than any other state except Alaska so it makes sense that we want to keep our kids safe.

Take a look at what other states' most popular items are, according to research done by Business Insider:

  • Oregon: Chex mix
  • South Dakota: Lemon Cake
  • Illinois: Puzzle storage
  • Texas: Wedding invitations
  • Wyoming: Freezer packs
  • Ohio: Hatchimals
  • Indiana: Hand sanitizer
  • California: Zyrtec

Get the full list here. Happy shopping!

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