Tyler Farr shows his love for both the outdoors and for his wife, Hannah, in his "Love by the Moon" music video.

It's a side of him fans don't always see, but love when they do.

"Love by the Moon" was filmed on and around Farr's home farm, and in it you'll see him doing all the things he loves: mudding, fishing and stopping by the local farm supply store. He also goes frolicking in the river with his wife of almost two years.

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"Me and my wife Hannah have been married for a year and a half now, and this song is for her," Farr says of the music video, which was directed by Sean Dave of Revolution Pictures. "We live in the country and enjoy our lives together on the farm. We laugh, work and play hard. This song is us!"

Farr admits he never wants to hide his authenticity from his fans — he wants them to see who he is when he's at home. "'Love by the Moon' is very simple and it's very me,” he told Taste of Country during a recent interview about the song, which was produced by Sugarland’s Kristian Bush. "The lyrics totally match how I live. That’s who I am. And if any song is going to get me back out there, it's going to be this one. Plus, this song sounds like something my fans would relate to too. They get me and I get them, through it all."

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