News that sounds made up out of Twinsburg, Ohio: Identical twin brothers have popped the question to identical twin sisters.

Does that mean they got down on two knees?  YEP.  I just hope for the sake of their friends and family they don't move into a duplex and drive identical cars.  The twin couples are planning a joint wedding after meeting in Ohio according to,

Josh and Jeremy Salyers, 34, met Brittany and Briana Deane, 31, at a festival for twins last August and had an instant connection.

"It was one of the most magical moments," Briana said.

"For me, it went in like slow motion, like a movie.

"We all believe in soulmates and we all felt that instant connection."

Now Briana is engaged to Jeremy, while Brittany will marry Josh.

The brothers popped the question at the same time while filming a documentary for Inside Edition.

The brothers popped the question in Twin Lakes, Vancouver on 2/22 (we get're twins.)  The sisters thought they were there to film a commercial before the big romantic double shot of love happened.

This whole thing may sound crazy to us non-twins.  But Briana and Brittany had planned on one day marrying twin brothers since they were little girls.

Click here to see pictures of the twin couples.

The happy couples will tie the knot in Twinsburg, OH this August.

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