Recently Taste of Country asked nearly a dozen country singers who scares them, and while answers ranged from "mom" to "clowns," there was one celebrity name that kept popping up ...

But really, is Trace Adkins all that scary? Sure, he's taller than a forest, has a voice that booms like a cannonball shot, has been shot and was tough enough to work on an oil rig, but other than that he's a big softie, right?

Add Joe Nichols and Maddie + Tae to the list of folks who cower when Adkins is nearby. "He's a very intimidating man," Maddie Marlow insists. We asked for Adkins to comment, and he conceded that people have told him he's intimidating.

"Just little, itty-bitty people," he remarked earlier this year.

Find a full-length clip with many artists answering, What scares you? Miranda Lambert, Tyler Farr and Steve Moakler participated, and believe it or not, another country singer's name came up!

As for Adkins, he's taken to defending instead of scaring. "Still a Soldier" is the newest single off of his Something's Going On album. The ballad was released after the controversy sparked over the decision to kneel during the National Anthem.

"He's still a soldier / His blood runs red, white and blue / He put away his gun and boots / But he still believes / The American Dream / 'Til his last breath he'll always be / A soldier," Adkins sings.

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