Updated: Sat. 9/1/18 at 9:15pm

Videos submitted Saturday evening show what might have been tornadoes in Kalamazoo County Saturday evening. Two videos show what look like tornadoes forming in Cooper Township during the early evening hours. Storm Survey teams will be assessing the areas Sunday to determine if and where any tornado touchdowns might have happened.

Possible tornado sighting near Kalamazoo Speedway in Kalamazoo County (Courtesy Heather Climp)

Several Tornado Warnings were issued Saturday across Southwest Michigan by the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids. It began in northern Kalamazoo and southwestern Barry Counties as tornado alerts were issued for some dangerous storms that popped up in the late afternoon. Shortly later, a Tornado Warning was issued for southern Calhoun County which remained in effect until 8:15. After that, all counties in the southwest Michigan area had been cleared of any severe weather warnings. Farther north, Mecosta County also was under a Tornado Warning this evening around the same time.

There have been reports of some damage, much of it trees and tree branches and some structural damage has also been reported from the storms in Kalamazoo and Calhoun counties. There have been no reports of injuries at this time.

(Courtesy Deb Randall)