Tim McGraw likely didn't know that by holding up a bright yellow sign at a concert in Albany last weekend, he was honoring a mother and her late son Kyle — a truly humble and kind young man.

Liz Honan tells Taste of Country station 94.3/97.3 the Wolf that her son Kyle died around the time McGraw released "Humble and Kind." Kyle Honan was the kind of person who saw redeeming qualities in everyone. "If you slapped him, he would turn the other cheek," she says. She'd go on to recall a friend of Kyle's who flew from California to be at the funeral, later sharing how Kyle had saved his life by spending hours on the phone with him convincing him not to commit suicide. The 24-year-old died in January 2016, per an obituary in the Chronicle.

After winning tickets from the radio station, Liz Honan made a sign that said "My son was the epitome of humble and kind." At the end of last weekend's show at the Union Center, McGraw and his wife spotted the sign and held it up proudly as fans cheered.

"I am forever grateful to the McGraws for bringing a little bit of peace to this grieving mom," she says. "For a brief moment the arena knew my son’s life made a difference in this world."

Kyle's legacy is indeed making a difference. Liz Honan has set up the Kyle Foundation, which works to provide cardiac screenings and financial assistance to those with cardiac, asthma or autism related medical bills.

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