One of the most unique aspects of the Michigan music scene is how diverse our bands are. One of the most influential bands in terms of sound, creativity, originality, and strive right now is a group of friends who came together in Rochester, MI to create a genre of their own. The Native Howl's music is "Thrash Grass," a hybrid of Thrash Metal and Bluegrass that delivers a uniquely dirty-rustic and sharp sound that no other band has ever performed, nor can it be replicated.

Lead vocalists and guitarists, Alex Holycross and Jake Sawicki had been friends and musicians in the same area for several years before venturing into what would result in the current lineup of The Native Howl. In the fall of 2013, primarily as a duo, they released a 6 song EP, “The Revolution’s Dead.” With the addition of Josh LeMieux on drums, and eventually Mark Chandler on bass, the Howl’s music has evolved into their own unique blend of rock, folk, bluegrass, alternative, and experimental genres, one of which is being coined as "Thrash Grass."

Throw in some keyboards, harmonica, banjo, djembe, and you get a glimpse of the musical complexity that defines their sound. Their lyrics embody a folk-like storytelling style; the music shines through with a rustic and clean sound, while their live performance is , in a word, intense. Their sophomore effort "Inukshuk" was released in 2015, followed up by the album "Thrash Grass," released last year.

Last night, the band embarked their most arduous tour to date, the "Into The Darkness" Tour which began in Holland, MI and ends June 1st at the Magic Bag in Detroit for their CD release party for the upcoming, "Out of the Garden and Into the Darkness" album.

Currently, they have a Kickstarter in the hopes of making this journey of theirs a full-time realization. With the help of The Howlers, they have already been able to raise over $10,000 dollars towards their goal of $25,000, with only 17 days left to go. It's an all or nothing campaign, meaning no money will be collected unless the goal is reached.

This band is totally self made with some of the hardest working dudes I've had the pleasure of knowing. Check out their music below. The Native Howl, who have played shows like Arts, Beats, and Eats and The Detroit Meridian Winter Blast are quickly winning the country over.

I give you your new favorite band, The Native Howl.

Watch them perform Live from the Park Theater below along with a brief interview that took place before the gig, as well as other hits of theirs.






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