The Swon Brothers are pros. Colton and Zach can sing any song you give them, and that's all well and good, but how far can they getting humming the hits? Is that Dolly Parton, or The Lion King? Hum both and you'll find they're remarkably similar.

The rules of a hum-off are simple: hum a hit and get your brother to name it. "Sweet Caroline" is easy for Colton, as his new fiancee is named Caroline. Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise" doesn't give Zach trouble, but his brother's throaty, passionate version of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" sure does.

The video ends with Zach grunting, humming and grinding his hips in Colton's direction — of course that's after "You Are My Sunshine" gets mistaken for "This Land Is My Land." In the end, the winner is ... ummm, you?!

You'll hear the Swons hum their new single "Don't Call Me," as well. The first taste of their new Pretty Cool Scars EP is at radio and digital retailers now. It's a heartbreak song, something Zach says he's experienced but Colton has only imagined. The remaining songs make up a diverse playlist, from the '90s influenced "Dwight Trashed" to their home town anthem "Pretty Cool Scars," a song that was inspired by modern rock bands like Kings of Leon.

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