One of the most terrifying feelings is when you reach onto your pocket and realize you don't know where your wallet, phone, or keys are. But it's even worse when you come home and find your pet is gone without a trace. That is what one Sturgis family is going through right now as they have been missing their pet Hog, Peter Porker, since last Saturday.

The family posted on a lost and found page on Facebook with video footage of Peter Porker taking a bath you can view here. The video itself already has over 300 shares in hopes that their beloved hog will be returned. The owner, Emilie Bright expressed her concern on the post saying:

Don’t let the tusks or foamy mouth scare you. He is a giant cuddle bug and I miss him SO much!!!! I want to thank ALL of you that have shared, looked, cared......Peter has not been seen since Saturday. I’m not losing hope, but it’s not looking good. Pray that nobody could be cruel enough to harm him.
Thank you again!!

If you see Double P, help a girl out!



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