Just as the nation’s mushroom-takers have begun to hit up their connections in preparation for this May’s opening of the lush, psychedelic new amusement park Pandora — The World of Avatar, yet another attraction has appeared on the horizon. At present, Star Wars superfans can immerse themselves in the fantasy universe with the series of films, novels, spinoff films, animated television programs, various board games, and Disneyland’s popular Star Tours ride. But some die-hards demand a fuller and more transportive experience. And Disney CEO Bob Iger has some great news for them. (And less-great news for everyone else.)

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Iger as announcing during a phone call with investors that Orlando’s Walt Disney World will open its new Star Wars Land in 2019 to coincide with the completion of the third Star Wars trilogy in theaters. Construction on the 14-acre property began last April, after having been first announced in 2015. The THR item cites a post on the Disney Parks blog that informs potential visitors that during their time at the park, they’ll have the opportunity to climb aboard the Millennium Falcon and “pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.”

THR also mentions that Iger claimed to have seen the current cut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and spoke of it very highly to his investors. And while that’s certainly not a bad sign, it is in no small way the CEO‘s job to keep the shareholders happy and chilled-out, so there was no way he was hopping on the phone and confiding, “Oh yeah, total mess, Rian‘s in over his head. We‘re all gonna be poor after this debacle.” So while the film could very well be wonderful, we’ll hedge our bets until someone with a little less skin in the game weighs in.

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