Stars such as Angelina Jolie, Issa Rae, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel arrived to the 75th Golden Globes ceremony dressed in black in 2018, in a striking display of support for the #MeToo movement and Times Up, an organization dedicated to addressing the systematic inequality women face in the entertainment industry. That event put the gears in motion for Kalie Shorr, of Nashville's Song Suffragettes, to begin writing her own contribution to the movement.

"Me and the girls were watching the Golden Globes, drinking wine and wearing all black," Shorr recalls. "During one of the many inspiring speeches that night, I just felt the weight of what was happening -- how I was going to tell my daughters and granddaughters about this one day."

Shortly afterwards, Shorr and up-and-coming performer Lacy Green co-wrote the song "Time's Up," which features vocal contributions from 23 of the Song Suffragettes' members and premiered on Jan. 19 on Radio Disney Country. The video features members of the Song Suffragettes dressed in all black and looking directly into the camera as they sing their message. Readers can check it out by pressing play above.

Shorr, who is also a member of the CMT Next Women of Country, has always been passionate about using her platform as a songwriter to speak out against the discrimination and additional challenges women face in the entertainment industry, and focuses especially on bias within the country music industry in Nashville, Tenn., where she lives.

"I think there is a definite burying of the truth in Nashville, a refusal to acknowledge that anything is happening here, and anyone who tells you that nothing is happening here is wrong," Shorr tells Billboard in a recent interview. The singer also released "Fight Like a Girl," a message of female empowerment and solidarity between women, with the help of the Song Suffragettes in 2016.

All proceeds from "Time's Up" will benefit the Time's Up organization. The song features Shorr, Tasji Bachman, Chloe Gilligan, Savannah Keyes, Mignon, Gracie Schram, Tiera, Jenna Paulette, Emma White, Jordyn Mallory, Emma Lynn White, Regan Stewart, Kim Paige, Jenna McDaniel, Madison Kozak, Jenny Ray, Tenille Arts, Tristan McIntosh, Tia Scola, Alexis Gomez, Candi Carpenter, Trannie Stevens and Lena Stone.

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