Maybe we should call Western Michigan University (WMU) "Snowflake U."

WMU in Kalamazoo made the top 10 on the snowiest college campuses list.

Accuweather has ranked the 10 snowiest colleges in the U.S., and TWO of the schools are in Michigan!

Shockingly, the University of Alaska Fairbanks ranks No. 10 on the list — meaning the Kalamazoo campus gets more show than Alaska's campus!

WMU ranked 8th, averaging 67 inches of snow during the year.

Michigan Technological University, way up near the tip of the Upper Peninsula in Houghton puts Michigan, the winter wonderland, at No. 1 on the list of snowiest colleges in the U.S., with an average snowfall of more than 200 inches each year.

The top five also include two schools in Minnesota and two in New York.

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