What's going on?

G.R. Auto Show 2018
The Next big auto show is in the books and what was there is more than I had expected. See inside the Grand Rapids Auto Show.
B.C. Most Dangerous
A new study released on February 5th ranks each state from leas to most dangerous. Where is Michigan on the list and what makes Battle Creek most dangerous?
'give me 5 minutes alone'
During Larry Nassar' sentencing today, The Father of one of his victims asked for 5 minutes in a locked room with him. See what happened here.
Remembering Rem Wall
I grew up listening to my mother telling me stories of listening to Rem Wall on the radio, watching him on television and even going to dances where his band was performing. Do you remember Rem Wall?
3 Flu Deaths in Kalamazoo
The Flu has impacted more people this year than it has in years. Kalamazoo health officials have already reported three Flu-related deaths for 2018.
Blood Moon Photos + Video
In the early hours of January 31st, we were allowed a brief glimpse at a super rare event, A 'Super Blue Blood Moon' and Lunar eclipse all in one!
Electric Harleys Roll Forward
After years of anticipation, Harley Davidson is finally moving ahead with the production of it's all-electric 'LiveWire' Motorcycle. These bikes could be seeing showrooms at Kalamazoo and Battle Creek Harley dealers in the next couple years.
Detroit Auto Show Video
The NAIAS auto show in Detroit has ended and the autonomous vehicles were brushed aside by automakers as they opted for connectivity and integration.
BC Looking for Brewery
Arcadia Ales closed their Battle Creek location last year creating a hole in the brewing market and giving upstart brewers an opportunity to call Battle Creek home.