One of this summer's most infectious bops is RaeLynn's genre-blending "Tailgate," which she co-wrote with Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard, Canaan Smith and Corey Crowder. The singer showed off the best of the song's feelgood vibes when she jumped on stage to perform it during Florida Georgia Line's set last month at Michigan's Faster Horses Festival.

Fans can watch the performance above, which includes behind-the-scenes footage of RaeLynn hanging out and rehearsing at the festival grounds.

The song itself is a blend of everything RaeLynn is all about—right down to the Ford F-150 referenced in the lyrics. The singer really does own one of those, and as a matter of fact, it was her first truck she ever owned (she still drives it!).

It also has the danceable, fun vibe she's been hoping to cultivate in her songwriting of late. "The day we wrote ‘Tailgate’ I told Canaan, Corey and Tyler that if the song doesn’t make me want to dance then I don’t want to cut it," she explains. Based on the video above, it certainly seems the song is living up to her expectations.

"Tailgate" was released last month; it follows the singer's "Queens Don't," a female empowerment song she released in March. These two song mark the first new material she's dropped since March of 2017, when she released her debut album, WildHorse. That album gave fans the two singles "Love Triangle" and "Lonely Call."

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