What's stranger?  A potbelly pig wandering the streets of the Bronx or the fact that someone named him Kalamazoo?

The NYPD received a very unusual call Tuesday afternoon.  A 60 pound potbelly pig aimlessly wandering the streets of the Bronx neighborhood in New York.  Kalamazoo was hangin' with a friend but that little piggy must have gone to the market because they can't find it.  Kalamazoo was taken to Manhattan facility of NYC Animal Control.

The New York Daily News says this 2 year old porker is available for adoption.  However, Michigan state law prevents you from bringing Kalamazoo to Kalamazoo.

The important question is...is New York calling us fat?

Click here to see a video of the sweet swine.


BONUS VIDEO: Kalamazoo Mud Run

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