The cast of Nashville performed a very special gig at the Royal Albert Hall in London as part of their European tour, and they've captured that magical night for history with a new live DVD. Nashville in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall is set for release on Friday (April 27), but Taste of Country readers are getting an exclusive early look at one of the songs.

Nashville stars Sam Palladio (Gunnar Scott), Clare Bowen (Scarlett O'Connor) and Jonathan Jackson (Avery Barkley) join forces for "Borrow My Heart," one of the songs from the new DVD. Click on the video above to see the stars team for a fun, energetic performance of the up-tempo song, which is just one of a whopping 29 tracks on the DVD.

Written by Phillip and Lia LaRue, "Borrow My Heart" first appeared on The Music of Nashville: Season 3, Volume 2 in 2015.

Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne) and Chris Carmack (Will Lexington) are also part of the lineup for the Royal Albert Hall show, which took place in 2017 as part of the Nashville cast's second international tour. The nine-show tour featured the stars of the beloved show performing in Scotland, Ireland and England, including back-to-back nights at Royal Albert Hall.

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Nashville has become the most-watched show in CMT history since it moved to the network for its fifth and sixth seasons. The show's current Season 6 will be its last; currently on mid-season hiatus, Nashville will return for its final run of episodes beginning June 7 on CMT.

Nashville in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall is now available for pre-order on DVD, as well as at iTunes.

Nashville in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall Track Listing: 

1. "Buckle Up", Charles Esten
2. "What If I Was Willing," Chris Carmack
3. "Spinning Revolver," Chris Carmack
4. "Keep Asking Why," Jonathan Jackson
5. "Love Rescue Me," Jonathan Jackson
6. "I Will Fall," Sam Palladio
7. "Headed for the Fire," Sam Palladio
8. "Borrow My Heart," Sam Palladio / Clare Bowen / Jonathan Jackson
9. "Longer," Clare Bowen / Brandon Robert Young
10. "Little by Little," Clare Bowen
11. "Hand to Hold," Charles Esten / Clare Bowen
12. "Simple as That," Charles Esten
13. "Stand Up," Chris Carmack / Clare Bowen / Brandon Robert Young / Sam Palladio
14. "If It’s Love," Sam Palladio / Chris Carmack
15. "Texas Flood," Chris Carmack
16. "The Killing Moon," Jonathan Jackson
17. "Unchained Melody," Jonathan Jackson
18. "Hello Heartbreak Blues," Sam Palladio
19. "Wake Me up in Nashville," Sam Palladio
20. "Fade Into You," Clare Bowen / Sam Palladio
21. "Let It Rain," Clare Bowen
22. "Black Roses," Clare Bowen
23. "True Love Ways," Charles Esten
24. "I Climb The Walls," Charles Esten
25. "He Ain’t Me," Charles Esten
26. "Heroes," Esten / Bowen / Palladio / Carmack / Jackson
27. "And Then We’re Gone," Esten / Bowen / Palladio / Carmack / Jackson
28. "A Life That’s Good," Esten / Bowen / Palladio / Carmack / Jackson
29. "A Life That’s Good," (Reprise) -Esten / Bowen / Palladio / Carmack / Jackson

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