Kids compliment and cajole Kris Kringle for the presents they crave.

Photo: Oxana Gilman, ThinkStock

My sister is a schoolteacher. I think the work all teachers do is commendable and I am especially proud of my little sister who now has a master’s degree and is shaping the future.

A recent assignment required her second-graders to write a letter to the North Pole. They were instructed to pay Santa a compliment before they asked for any gifts. Also, to list necessities before appealing for the most-wanted toys.

Emma spends two pages recognizing Santa's work ethic, while Kaeleigh just wants to sing on a new "carokey mashen."

I wonder if Lorenzo has been put in "time out" often as he asks for food & water.

It is Bryce, though, who understands the true meaning of Christmas saying, "I don't need one thing."

You may have to sound out a few words but you are going to love these elementary school students’ letters to Santa Claus.