One of the many problems with having a home on wheels is that a thief can just drive off with it.  Much like this mobile home in Wayland. (UPDATE)

According to WWMT,

Authorities tell us the 14,000 pound home was stolen just off Tyler Road in Wayland Township.

The residence is 10’ x 40’ with yellow siding and white trim.

The Allegan County mobile home was last seen heading south at the intersection of 4th Street and 129th Avenue.

Can you imagine someone telling you that the last time your home was seen it was on the road leaving town?

We thought we just had to worry about thieves stealing packages off of our door step this Holiday season.  Apparently, they are also stealing the door step.

UPDATE: According to WoodTV the mobile home has been found,

It was recovered in Silver Creek County Park in Allegan County, authorities said.

The suspect has been interviewed by police but investigators said further investigation must take place before charges can be requested.

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