An estimated 3.3 Million people (and counting) marched on Saturday to protest the election of Donald Trump.  Making it the biggest protest in US history.  Thousands of those people marched here in Michigan.

Twenty cities in Michigan made the list so far.

Here are the 10 biggest demonstrations in Michigan.

#1.  Ann Arbor: 11,000 estimated people
#2  Lansing:  10,000 estimated people
#3  Detroit: 4,000 estimated people
#4 Traverse City: 3,000 estimated people
#5  Douglas-Saugatuck: 2,500 estimated people
#6  Gross Pointe:  1,300 estimated people

Apparently, Gross Pointe people don't use instagram.

#7  Ypsilanti:  1,200 estimated people
#8  Kalamazoo:  1,000 estimated people
#9  Marquette:  800 estimated people
#10  Houghton:  500 estimated people

According to Vox,

“Even using a conservative estimate, it was the single largest day for a demonstration in the US,” Chenoweth, an expert on political protests and civil resistance, told us.

Almost every state in America hosted a Women’s March, as you can see in the map above. The events ranged from tiny gatherings in small town squares to throngs of more than 500,000 people clogging streets in cities like Washington, DC and Los Angeles.

The researchers say much of their data is still incomplete and will change in the coming days as more estimates become available. Roughly 200 marches held across the US still haven’t released any attendance numbers yet.

Click here to check out the heat map researchers put together of over 500 US cities involved in protests.


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