We asked you to show us your morel mushrooms and you delivered the delicious morsels! Check the gallery below to find yours and other photos from 28 counties around Michigan.

Morel mushroom hunting in Michigan gets more popular every year. If you've ever seen how much they cost in a grocery store, you know why people take the time to hunt them on their own. One of the many festivities around Michigan related to morel mushroom hunting is the Osseo Heritage Day & Great Mushroom Hunt in Hillsdale County. Last weekend, contestants brought in 97.18 pounds in the 22nd annual event.

Osseo Heritage Day & Great Mushroom Hunt 2018 - 97.18 pounds of morel mushrooms

Contestants register for the hunt and compete to see who can find the “Largest Amount of Morels” and/or the “Largest Single Morel”. They choose one or both categories. They also have a smallest Morel category. This year’s winner brought in one that was only 8mm. You can barely see it in the photo below.

All of the contestants have the option to sell their Morels in an auction at the end of the day. Chelsi Dryer and her family host the event every year on the Saturday of Mothers Day Weekend.

Dryer: "It was an odd year this year with a mix of blacks, grays and yellows."

If you are new to morel mushroom hunting and want to familiarize yourself with the hobby, this article from the Michigan DNR has some useful information to get started. The DNR has also provided a map called MI-Morels to aid mushroom hunters.

2018 Michigan Morel Mushroom Gallery